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Since the Creditbit has moved to Ethereum platform, the old wallets are not supported. Please check new avalible wallets for Creditbit - CRB token.

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Please check our own CreditBit token guide page for further instructions and compleate tutorial how to use Ethereum wallets.

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Want to exchange your Creditbits? There is a variety of exchanges supporting CRB token and the list will expand even more later on.

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What is Credit 2.0 ?

Credit 2.0, also named “credit2”, is the name of the second CreditBit development roadmap and also parent project of CreditBit Development Team. Main goal of this project is to develop and maintain crypto currency ecosystem, based on token, that is built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. The Project started on January 1st, 2017 with introducing new Dev team. Project is based on open-source and continuous development principles. It consists of several subsidiary projects, ex. CreditMC or CreditGAME. While this project covers more technical side of development, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be responsible for developing Community, social, marketing and decision-making processes. First stage of the project will be concluded with a migration to another platform: CRBIT, Bitcoin-class coin will be replaced with Ethereum based token.

CreditBit Statistics Coming soon

Statistics section will be released later on...

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Advanced cryptocurrency entities & futures

Credit 2.0

The second development road map, a parent development project.


The open source Project, Currency and a Community name.


Decentralized Organization within CreditBit ecosystem.

Proof Of Trust

Concept of locking tokens by their owner to stake or vote.


Fun and innovative distribution of newly issued tokens.


Contracts that enable users to link their address and public identity.


Distributed Application that forms Decentralised commodity market.

Token Features

Crypto currency, built on top of Ethereum Blockchain.

White Paper

Do you want to peek under the hood of our CreditBit token? Want to learn more about the foundations and mechanisms behind the scenes? Recommended Reading for the Curious Members of our Community and Newcomers, a must-read for Developers, Crypto Enthusiasts and Investors. This is longer and enhanced version of Currency Platform and Token description.

CreditBit Token: Supported Wallets

Recommended list of wallets that support CreditBit Token - CRB. ( Wallet instructions )

Ethereum / Mist

Desktop client with full blockchain developed by Ethereum foundation. The Mist browser is the tool of choice to browse and use Dapps.


My ETH Wallet

MyEtherWallet makes it easy to create secure wallets without the command line or the need to run an Ethereum client on your computer.

My ETH Wallet Link


Parity is fastest and lightest Ethereum full client and integrated directly in web browser. It support all futures of the Ethereum network.



Jaxx supports multiple leading cryptocurrency platforms. They offer as much choice as possible in the new, emerging world of blockchain.


CreditBit DAO Board Members

Here is our list of Board Members of CreditBit DAO organisation

Ivan Beljan

Ivan has a long term experience in financial markets and investment management. He started his career auditing financial institutions at KPMG and then moved into asset management where he managed several investment funds. He also managed several real estate projects for domestic and foreign investors, including IKEA. As the CEO at Bell Time Capital he is providing various financial consulting services and developing stock and option trading models for clients worldwide. As a fund manager at Global Invest Ivan is managing the best performing fund in Croatia. He is also the Supervisory Board and Audit Committee member at Tokić, one of the leading car spare parts distributors and retailers in eastern Europe. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics with a major in Finance in 2005 and passed the broker and investment advisor exams in 2006. Ivan also holds the Chartered Market Technician designation and is a full member of the CMT Association New York. He is currently participating in the Elite program by the London Stock Exchange and is member of MENSA Croatia.

Matic Tovšak

Matic Tovšak graduated in 2011 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (University of Ljubljana) from the field of discrete mathematical models and algorithms for stock options valuation. After graduation, he acquired a job at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in the Computer Vision Laboratory, where he worked as a development engineer in the field of bio metrics (development of a fingerprint verification system). Working as a development engineer, he attended conferences ERK (International Electronic and Computer Science Conference) 2012 and ROSUS 2012. He has huge amount of experience in field of the world financial markets and the mechanics of the financial derivatives. His knowledge was also applicable in variety of industries one of his favourite was currency exchange market.

Andrej Drapal

Andrej Drapal puts together extremely various studies and professional engagements from the past to present. He was active as publisher and editor in student times. He was widely publicised author of critical essays in culture, arts and civic affairs. He was theatre and film producer. He was co founder of first and still largest and most respected public relations and marketing agency in Sloevenia. He founded first professional lobby association in Slovenia. He founded Chamber of professional services of Slovenia. He was member or president of various boards among them president of National Gallery board for 2 mandates and is member of Ljubljana festival program board. He served as consultant for more than 200 Slovenian and international companies. His method lies on solid philosophical foundations (he studied philosophy), neuroscience, evolutionary theory and contemporary liberal economy foundations.

Marko Grobelnik

Marko Grobelnik is an expert in the areas of analysis and knowledge discovery in large complex databases. In particular, the areas of expertise comprise: Data Mining, Text Mining, Semantic Technologies, Network Analysis, and Complex Data Visualization. He collaborates with major European and US academic institutions and consults industries such as British Telecom, Microsoft Research, Nature, New York Times, Bloomberg, and Accenture. He is author of several books in the area of machine learning, data mining, text mining and semantic technologies and authors of many scientific papers. He is also W3C AC representative for IJS, CEO of the company Quintelligence. In the past years he organized series of workshops on text-mining TextKDD and network analysis LinkKDD at ACM KDD conferences. Marko served also as a program chair for European Machine Learning conference (ECMLPKDD 2009) and for European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2011). In terms of the past project experience, He has been technical coordinator for projects FP6 IST-World and FP7 VIDI and scientific coordinator of FP7 project X-LIKE; he was a member of project management board in several FP6 and FP7 Integrated Projects (SEKT, NEON, ACTIVE, COIN) and STREP projects.