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Cryptocurrency interest accounts are a great way to get rewarded with interest on your idle crypto assets, stablecoins and even fiat currency. The CeFi (centralised finance platforms) listed below work in much the same way as a bank in that they lock away your assets for you, and lend them out to individuals and third parties in the form of crypto loans. You can expect to be rewarded with much higher compounding interest rates than with a traditional bank. It’s not uncommon to see interest rates as high as 10% compounding weekly or even daily!


Some providers will require you to lock away your tokens or coins for a set amount of time, anywhere from a couple of months to two year period. This will result in higher interest as a reward, but we recommend starting out with flexible or shorter terms.


There are however, and number of factors to consider when picking the best interest account for you. Factors such as flexibility, currencies supported, country availability and minumum deposit should all factor into your which provider(s) to choose. We found the process confusing, we constructed a sortable table to compare the best crypto interest accounts in 2021. New rates will be added and updated daily. (DeFi coming soon!)

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