CreditBit 2.0, CRB Token & CreditBit 3.0 Roadmap

CreditBit 2.0

CreditBit was initially established in December 2015 as a competitor to Bitcoin and in 2018 was migrated to the Ethereum Blockchain. Whilst no longer under development, the CRB token is still listed on major websites, and can be transacted between Ethereum digital wallets as Creditbit is a digital Ethereum Token, that hosts on the Ethereum Blockchain, a public distributed digital ledger. There are still a number of exchanges that offer the buying and selling of CreditBit CRB token.

Legacy CRB Features

Below are a list of CreditBit, or CRB tokens legacy features.


New and fun way of distributing newly created tokens to the community.


CreditDAO is decentralized autonomous organization, mainly responsible for facilitating decision process within the CreditBit Community.


CreditIDENTITY is linking accounts and private information of their owners.


CreditBit 3.0

With CreditBit 3.o. is going in a new direction. Creditbit 3.0 is relaunched as a Cryptocurrency comparison website to compare the best cryptocurrency credit cards, loans, savings accounts and more.

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