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Crypto loans are tax efficient because they don’t require you to sell your underlying asset, i.e. your crypto. This means that taking out a crypto loan is not a taxable event.


There are many different aspects which factor into what makes the best crypto loan and in many cases it is individual to each borrower. Factors like interest rates, loan term and flexibility, collateral options and more can get confusing when comparing lenders on their own websites. It is also easy to miss certain fees and pitfalls, and you also need to know how long your assets might be locked away for. 


We’ve listed the the best crypto loans in CeFi (Centralised Finance) for 2021 in a sortable table below. Each loan product is an overcollateralized loan.This means that your cryptocurrency is held by the lender as collateral and you can borrow a percentage against it in either stablecoins or fiat currency. The percentage you can borrow is called your loan to value (LTV) ratio, and is usually anywhere from 30 – 90%.

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