CreditIDENTITY is linking accounts and private information of their owners.

CreditIDENTITY is enabling owners of CRBIT (Ethereum) accounts to identify themselves for a purpose of candidating for Executive Board or trading in CreditBAY. To create a link (mapping) between an account and an identity of its owner, we are introducing a pair of Smart Contracts. First SC is declaring all attributes - personal information of an owner, that can be stored. In a first version, only personal name, address, nationality and social network accounts can be stored. Second SC is a data storage for a first set of personal information, with possibility of later extensions.

Owners will be able to voluntarily save their personal information through application (recommended due to convenience) or directly through a wallet. Personal information can be added or modified by the account owner at any time, changes are tracked. Old data is labeled as inactive, but cannot be deleted, as it is permanently saved in a SC. All saved data connected to an account will be publicly visible, both in dapp and on an official website. Main goal is to inform the CRBIT Community about personal information, that account users voluntarily disclose to the public.

The Curator address will have the right to modify both SCs, that includes:

  • Adding additional attributes,
  • Delete saved data, that is
    deceptive, harmful, offensive or disrespectful,
  • Intervention in disputes.

The Curator will not verify the disclosed personal data nor will guarantee the accuracy of the data, his role is merely to facilitate the process of identification. EB will entrust the Curator address to a member of the Community.