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Earn 1% for every user you refer
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Sign up now & get 30% GHS boost!
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Eobot Software Review

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How to use the Eobot Software

Eobot software is free to download and enables users to get mining in minutes with ease. Learn more about the software in use or download for free here; although some investment may be required in order to start mining, which is dependent on Eobot’s discretion. However, setting up your mining operation is relatively simple and eliminates the need for complex actions unlike conventional mining pools. Firstly, open an account on the Eobot website through signing up.

Eobot Promo Discount Code 2021After you sign up, you will see a list of cryptocurrencies on your dashboard; whilst many will be tempted to just click and mine Bitcoin, first you will need to get some mining power. This mining power comes in the form of “Cloud Mining GHS” on Eobot and it’s what allows you to mine cryptocurrency; the more you have, the faster you will mine. This GHS power is listed at the bottom, and new accounts should start with 0.

Eobot Mining pool software

Next, you will need to build your GHS; first, select GHS 6.0 on the dropdown menu. From there, hover over “products” in the menu and select “Faucet”. Now complete the captcha and click “get faucet reward”; after which, a few GHS is added to your account. This is enough to get your started and should help make sure you’re not just mining minimal amounts forever. From there, you’re ready to mine! For a more in-depth guide, click here.

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Eobot Mining Pool Software Promo
7.5 Total Score
Eobot Promo & Discount Codes Review

Eobot is a real time exchange allowing users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and a huge number of other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Eobot also allows users to participate in mining pools for BTC, ETH, LTC, etc, all through cloud based mining. Cloud based mining takes a large amount of stress off your computer, with Eobot's cloud solution hardware mining and hashing for you. This comes with a large number of benefits, including no heat/hardware issues and instant mining updates every 60 second. Join over 2 million users in either exchanging or mining cryptocurrency for yourself; click here to find out more and get mining in minutes.

Interface Usability
Reputation & Trust
Trading Fees
Customer Support
  • Very low fees
  • Easy to use interface
  • Very large mining pools
  • Huge amount of currency options
  • Cloud based - Spare your PC a lot of stress
  • Currencies are secured thanks to extensive public audit and hacker policies
  • Mixed reviews on trustworthiness
  • Email/social media support only
  • Mining power relies on GHS reward scheme
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