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Trezor Model T


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The Trezor Model T is the upgraded variant of the One, featuring a number of improvements whilst remaining completely open-source. The display is now a full colour touchscreen, with users able to enter their PIN/Passphase and enter device recovery directly from the device. It also supports approx. 600 more cryptocurrency assets than the One, for a total of 1649. Worth noting is the exclusion of a battery, which is noted to reduce overall lifespan of the wallet. Instead, users must power their hardware wallet by an external power source.

Security is clearly a priority, utilising 2FA, U2F, FIDO2 authentication, alongside GPG encryption. Whilst the password manager remains as encrypted storage on the cloud, the Model T also aims to implement an additional microSD card soon. Although there is no live support chat, their email response time is fair, with a detailed FAQ covering many topics. Trezor maintain a high level of transparency and undergo auditing by security researches; stated as having "nothing to hide from you and follow the open-source ethos".

Support & Reputation
Coin Support
  • Easy to use
  • Fully open-source
  • Full colour touchscreen
  • Longer lifespan than competitors
  • Abides by many security standards
  • Company audited by security researchers
  • Easily back up entire wallet via recovery seed
  • Supports approx. 1649 cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Password manager on encrypted cloud and microSD
  • PIN/Passphase entry and recovery directly from device
  • Device requires physical confirmation to sign transactions
  • No internal power supply
  • No live support, email/FAQ only
  • More expensive than other hardware wallets
  • Security flaws were exploited by Kraken Security Labs on older devices with physical attacks, but this was only for devices without passphrases and has since been fixed. More can be found on their blog post:
  • No bank transfer or PayPal payment support

Specification: Trezor Model T

Design Specification
Battery life No onboard battery, requires external power source
Screen size 240x240 px
Size 64 x 39 x 10mm
Touchscreen Yes
USB connector USB-C
Weight 22g
Connectivity USB
Desktop Software Yes
Functions Receive, Send, Store, Trade
Open source Yes
Supported Operating System Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Compatibility with external wallets 23
No. Supported Currencies 1600+ cryptocurrencies and tokens
2FA Two-factor Authentification Yes
Anonymity Yes
Backup type 24-word Recovery Phrase
Multi signature Yes
Pin code Yes
Own your own private keys Yes
Previously suffered security breach Security flaws were exploited by Kraken Security Labs on older devices with physical attacks, but this was only for devices without passphrases and has since been fixed.
Pricing and Payment
Bank transfer No
Cryptocurrency Yes
Debit or credit card Yes
Paypal No
Company info
Established 2012
Full company name Satoshi Labs
Registered in Czech Republic

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