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YouHodler loans are suitable for both short and mid-term use and offer one of the highest LTV options we've seen. Despite this, these options still come with high interest rates (12% APR) and considerable loan fees, varying between 2.00% and 8.00% of total value; depending on loan term, LTV ratio and asset option. With some options possessing margin calls as low as 5%, this loan product could prove a costly, risky option if you don't pay your loan and the price goes down.

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YouHodler offers 4 different collateralised loan options which offer different loan to value ratios (LTV's) i.e. how much you can borrow against your assets, different repayment periods & how long the term you agree to pay for is; each with different APR depending on the currency you are borrowing.

These loan options range from 50% to a very high and rarely seen 90% LTV, with each option offering varying margin calls and APR, depending on currency and loan term. Whilst loans can effectively be extended indefinitely, interest rate percentages for these time periods will need to be paid; totalling between 2 - 8% of your loan (equating to 12.16% APR).

All loans can be extended indefinitely, but the interest rate percentage for the loan term period (between 30 to 180 days) will need to be paid. It is important to note that if the value of your assets drops between 5 - 40% of the LTV margin call respectively, asset liquidation (to pay your loan) will be automatically triggered. Furthermore, those with an LTV of 90% can "walk away" from the loan agreement; in turn receiving 85% of their collateral back.

50% LTV loan options offer the highest margin call of 40% and longest loan duration (180 days), however incurs the highest loan repayment fee of 8%. Alternatively, the 70% LTV option offers a loan term of 60 days, a loan repayment fee of 3.20% and a low margin call of 25%. The 90% LTV option has a loan duration requiring payment every 30 days to keep the loan open, whilst including the lowest margin call rate of just 5%. Although, this option does offer a reduced loan repayment fee of 2.10%

The rates on this page show rates for all LTV options, for which the agreement period is between 30 and 180 days at the time of taking out the loan. The actual interest rates listed on the YouHodler website are for the 180-day term, rather than the full year, and to work out what the APR is will require manual calculation, which we find a little deceptive.

Supported currencies
Interest Rates & Fees
Customer support
Company Reputation
  • 90% LTV offers the lowest loan repayment rates available on YouHodler
  • Broad LTV options, allowing you to borrow between 50 to 90% against your assets
  • Good short, medium and long-term loan options
  • Great user interface and app design
  • Low minimum loan payment
  • Fast loan payouts
  • A trusted company headquartered in London
  • Great live support.
  • High rates of 12 - 30% APR depending on currency and loan term
  • Low margin call LTV's of 5-40% which means with high volatility your assets are at risk of liquidation
  • Loan payouts are only given in fiat currency, with only EUR/USD options
  • 50% LTV options incur a sizeable 8.00% loan repayment fee
  • Cannot use fiat currency as collateral
  • Not available in the USA or China

Specification: YouHodler Loans

Loan Information
Accepted Collateral
Supported Loan currencies , ,
Staking Percentage N/A
Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) 50 - 90%
Margin Call LTV 5 - 40%
Maximim loan amount N/A
Minimum loan amount $100
Loan Term 30 - 180 days (with the option to extend)
Company & Availability
Insurance Coverage Pooled
Eligible regions
Excluded regions Afganistan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Germany, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Republic of Crimea, South Sudan, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria, United States, US Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands
Credit Check No
Crypto Loan Rates
Bitcoin APR 15.20 - 20.68%
Bitcoin Cash APR 15.2 - 20.68%
BNB APR 15.20 - 20.68%
EOS APR 15.20 - 20.68%
Litecoin APR 15.20 - 20.68%
PAXG APR 15.20 - 20.68%
Stellar APR 15.20 - 20.68%
XRP APR 15.20 - 20.68%
COMP APR 22.3 - 30.41%
MKR APR 22.3 - 30.41%
UNI APR 22.3 - 30.41%
BAT APR 15.20 - 20.68%
REP APR 15.20 - 20.68%
Bitcoin SV APR 15.20 - 20.68%
DASH APR 15.20 - 20.68%
HT APR 15.20 - 20.68%
Asset protection & Insurance
Cold Storage Yes
Insured by Ledger Vault
Fiat Currencies N/A

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