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Verdict: The card has some best perks available in 2021 plus high cashback of 5% which is paid in CRO. But at today's prices in order to purchase the CRO token to stake this card, it would cost over $80,000. Whilst on the face of it, the perks and cashback are attractive, the entire value proposition is hinged on the token price of CRO going up, or at the very least maintaining its current price. This means that this card is meant for those who are bullish on the price of CRO and happy to lock away CRO tokens for a minimum of 6 months. We highly recommend users diligently calculate how long it will take to break even based on their expected monthly spend.
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The card is free and comes in Icy White & Rose Gold depending on your preference. To get access to the 5% cashback and the perks, users are required to stake 500,000 CRO tokens (approx $80,000 at today's rates) for a minimum of 6 months. On top of the 5% cashback paid in CRO tokens, you'll receive full rebates on Spotify ($12.99pm/£€ equivalent), Netflix ($13.99pm/£€ equivalent), Prime ($12.99pm/£€ equivalent), Expedia ($50/£€ equivalent).

This translates to a maximum of (12.99 * 12) + (12.99 * 12) + (13.99 * 12) + (50 * 12) = $1079.64 /£€ equivalent per year in rebates.

Whilst these are tempting perks, you will need to calculate your monthly spend on the card to work out whether the cashback you will receive will be worth the risk. A $100k spend per year spend would translate to $5k cashback in CRO which means as a card user, you entirely dependent on the value of CRO increasing, or at the very least maintaining its current value during the 6 months that your funds are locked in staking. This seems risky given the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, but if you're bullish on CRO and investing for the long term, then this may be a more viable option.

Payment options
Fees and charges
Perks & rewards
Company & Reputation
  • Rebated Spotify, Netflix, Prime, $50 Expedia reimbursement, Airport lounge + 1 guest, crypto private, bonus interest on CRO.
  • 5% cashback.
  • Interbank exchange rates.
  • Easy fiat onboarding
  • Metal Card.
  • Requires a lot of CRO to stake this card.
  • Prepaid card rather than instant settlement at the point of sale.
  • Cashback is only paid in CRO.
  • Slow support.

Specification: Icy White & Rose Gold Review

Company & Availability
Insurance Coverage /
Eligible regions , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Credit Check No
Savings Information
Supported Fiat Currencies
Supported Cryptocurrencies
Gas fees Yes
ATM Access Worldwide
Pay In Local Currencies Yes
24 hour support Email support, Non-immediate chat support
Live Support No
Staking required Yes and No
Staking amount 500,000 CRO
Minimum stake Term 180 days
Token Ticker CRO
Cashback on spending CRO Staking: 5% cashback in CRO, No Staking: 1.75% cashback in CRO
Cashback Restrictions No
Max Cashback No limit
On Chain Rewards None
Referral Rewards No
Perks Airport Lounge Access, Expedia, Netflix, Prime, Spotify
Spending Limits
Daily ATM Limit Unlimited
Daily Purchase Limit Unlimited
Monthly ATM Limit Unlimited
Monthly Purchase Limit Unlimited
Monthly fee No
Delivery Fee No
Online/Offline Purchase Fees Interbank exchange fees up to $20,000/ $14,000, 0.50% thereafter
Topping up fee Interbank exchange rates up to $20,000/ £14,000, 0.50% thereafter
ATM Fees No monthly fee up to $1,000 / £720
International ATM fee /
POS Foreign Transaction fee /
Card Replacement Fee No fee
ACH Declined No fee
Charge back processing €0.06
Exchange Rate Provider Interbank exhange rates
Card Features
Instant settlement No
Prepaid Yes
Topping up limit No limit
App Payments Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
Dual-Interface NFC/EMV (Card with chip) Yes
Virtual Cards No
Physical Cards Yes
Fraud Monitoring Yes
Freeze / Unfreeze Yes
Instant Notifications Yes
Pin Viewing Yes
2FA Yes
Asset protection & Insurance
Audited /
Cold Storage Yes
Company Backing /
FDIC insurance No
Insured by /

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